English Night with AsiaQuest Family


In conjunction with AsiaQuest Indonesia’s 8th anniversary celebrations, AsiaQuest employees participated in an English Night on September 9, 2020. This event was held online at 18.00 to 19.30 WIB. Employees from AsiaQuest Japan (AQJ), AsiaQuest Malaysia (AQM), and AsiaQuest Indonesia (AQI) participated in this English class.

This event was held with the aim of improving English language skills and bringing closer relationships between AsiaQuest employees. The cool thing is, this event is held freely without binding employees.

The event initiator, Yoshie Kobayashi, realized that learning a language requires a lot of courage and cannot be forced. Therefore, members are allowed to come late and leave early, be muted, and turn the camera off.


Starting with Ice Breaking and Introduction

At the first meeting, the topic of English Night was still about the introduction of each employee. The event was opened by three hosts, namely Yoshie Kobayashi from AQI and Sonoka Sakurai and Hanief Muhammad Erbakan from AQJ.

The three hosts also presented their background, including names, nicknames, origins, and hobbies and their roles in the company. After the introductory session from the host, the employees took part in the ice breaking session in the form of a guessing quiz in English. Only afterwards, each employee has the opportunity to introduce themselves.

In addition to the above topics, members can also explain about college majors, favorite food, hobbies, favorite manga or anime, to-go places in Japan or Indonesia that they plan on visiting. Employees also provide various information related to food to their favorite manga or anime. With so many prepared topics, employees also had many more topics explored during the evening session.

After an employee has finished introducing himself, another employee were given the chance to ask any questions they had in mind. English Night went smoothly and successfully. If in this occasion there were employees who were not able to join, they can always join the next one!


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