How Cloud System Works Effectively If You Are Work From Home? [ Kintone Webinar ]


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Do you have any problems with the administration of your overseas office?

Kintone is having an online webinar with the topic transforming admin work into cloud system paperless functions by Kintone

If you ever feel that admin work or paperwork needs to be in office when you are work from home?

Kintone now solves all your problems.


Traditional Way


Excel / Paper work

  • Quotation
  • Purchase order
  • Quotation & PO will be easy to create, every format and form will be done by Kintone Business Apps.

  • Chat among the team.
  • Chat among the department.
  • Approval from top management.
  • Assigned tasks.


  • Kintone has specific chat tools on every business apps.
  • Everybody can be notified of the business chatbox.
  • History storage, every important file can be store.
IT expert required

  • IT specialist to handle when system failure.
  • Time cost.
  • Overtime adjustments.

  • Zero IT experience needed.
  • Kintone is an User-Friendly business apps that everyone can apply in their business model.


Apply leave, forms requests &, etc.
  • With the Kintone system, all forms or requests will be done by the particular apps setting, the right person can do the setting accordingly.


So what is Kintone all about?

This is a cloud service that allows expatriates who are not familiar with systems such as “customer management” and “workflow” to easily create business systems.

For example, you can easily systematize the item management currently managed by Excel by dragging and dropping.


No code required.

Why the future of Software is “No-Code” anymore?

There is no question that software has completely transformed nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. Even though you are facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

The same goes for our workplaces. We have an app for everything—and in 2019, global spending on enterprise software reached a record of $456 billion according to Gartner. 

“No-code” isn’t new by any means, but the concept is just starting to gain more adoption and investor interest, including investments from some of the tech industry’s most prominent players.

TechCrunch has even asserted that, “‘No code’ will define the next generation of software.” This is because it solves two key problems for us.

Join our event by clicking here.


Event Speaker: Shibuya Yudai from Cybozu, Inc. 

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