Is COVID-19 affecting your work? (1)



COVID-19 Affected your work these days? Are you the one who work from home?

Kintone CRM Cloud Storage can help you even you are not in your office!!

MALAYSIA NEWS (March 18, 2020) : “The government has effected a nationwide movement control. Aligning ourselves with the new government guidelines, we have switched to a work from home model.”

As the virus continues to spread across an increasing number of countries, company leaders and government representatives — most recently, the governor of the MALAYSIA  — will encourage people to avoid unnecessary travel or large gatherings. Businesses will ask more people to Work From Home even when they’re healthy to increase “social distance,” which can limit viral spread.

Expand digital workplace resources and access

We should prepare IT systems now to safely and reliably handle a vast increase in remote workers and digital fulfillment of market demand.

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Kintone Cloud System

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Identify security, privacy and quality needs.
Consider the hardware remote employees will use (company-issued or personal devices Etc: laptop, desktop, tablet.)  and the networks they’ll be on (private). Consider endpoint security for devices and robust identity and access management to allow secure sign-in to corporate systems. Kintone software implements a different level of login to access the level of the task, etc ID and password login. To reduce the risk of conflict when exporting files. It could monitor the history and staff activities during the login period.

Inventory work use cases.
Understand the typical workflow of people who are able to do their jobs remotely and identify the systems they need to access. These range from in-house communications platforms like email or messaging to CRM systems. Include interactions with customers and business partners as part of the use case analysis and document the potential needs of external users.
Not only that, even if you are not in the office you may access the cloud server to work from home. Kintone can be solved and storage all the data you need in the office, extract, export, import, in just “ONE CLICK AWAY

Create new capabilities.

Organizations may need to quickly acquire or scale their technology capabilities. Videoconferencing, messaging, collaboration tools and document sharing are just a few examples of technologies that facilitate remote work. Additional bandwidth and network capacity may also be needed, given the increasing number of users and volume of communications. For example A morning briefing by using Google Meet hangout, reporting daily work tasks, following up, submit task form, group discussion.
Departments will need a process to quickly assess the company’s needs and acquire access. The ideal with flexible, short-term contracts or meetings, even organizations that have existing vendor relationships may have to renegotiate the number of users or transaction volume to accommodate a short-term surge. Therefore, we have to utilize technologies in the right way.

Update policies, access, and provide training.
As companies expand the number of people working remotely, they will need to update their rules & policies regarding “who can do it”, how often and for how long(period). IT will and in turn, need to update system access — sometimes to expand access and sometimes to limit it. All workers must undergo training on rules around data protection and proper data use, including how to safely exchange documents or information electronically. Software is Software, the man who controls behind has to take the responsibilities.
Kintone system can monitor the history of the staff, notification of movements, and activities of the day, therefore security level is totally protected from the Kintone cloud system.

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Expand capacity for self-service and digital sales. Companies will confront waves of customer questions, orders and even cancellations. Act now to prepare content and capacity for self-service web, email,CRM systems, smartphone apps, etc. to handle the most common questions or purchases, freeing customer service reps to handle more complex or unusual issues.

All these issue can be done by KINTONE system!

Thank you for your continued support. In the meantime, stay hydrated, stay safe with your colleagues and family members.

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