New Social Media Trend: Clubhouse For Android Is Coming Too!


I first heard about Clubhouse through word of mouth. One Friday a few weeks ago, feeling officially Zoomed-out and longing for a weekend that extended beyond grocery shopping and binge-watching Euphoria, a friend WhatsApped me, asking if I had an invite to get on to the new audio app, described on its website as “a new type of social product based on voice.”

I hadn’t, and fearing that I was late to the party, I immediately began sleuthing, impatience and severe FOMO fueling me to download the latest technological trend that might simultaneously quell my boredom and quench my thirst for a semblance of ‘normality’ (a laughable notion in 2020, I know). I was disappointed to receive a message stating I was on the virtual waitlist. Frustratingly, you can’t see anything about the app unless you’re invited to join — or you’re a celebrity, such as Drake, Ashton Kutcher or Virgil Abloh.

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New social media trend
Clubhouse should also come for Android

So far, it’s only available for iPhones, but the most popular are the creators of the social media app Clubhouse: they are announcing an Android version. However, there is a controversial mechanism behind the rapid growth.

The new social media application Clubhouse will also be able to work on smartphones with the Google Android operating system in the future. Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, the two founders of the company, made the announcement in a blog entry on Sunday. So far, the audio app is only available for the iPhone. While clubhouses are also available on the Google Play Store, clubhouse manufacturers do not announce.

Clubhouses is an audio application that allows users to listen to conversations or actively participate in discussions, such as a live podcast. Unlike networks like Twitter, you cannot comment or “like” posts in writing. Written by Davidson and Seth, they beat a nerve to meet people using clubhouses.

What kind of conversations are being had on Clubhouse?

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A dizzying bringing together of live podcast-style conversations, panel discussions, networking opportunities (some savvy people are already swapping ‘influencer’ for ‘moderator’) and advantageous multiple-room use (locked and private options are available so you can talk to pals too), the social-media app mimics real-life interactions. Launched in April, it’s continuing its global rollout having been valued at an estimated $100 million in May 2020. Recording any conversation is strictly forbidden, meaning your encounters with VIP members or general conversations are protected.

Who created the Clubhouse app?

Developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and ex-Google employee Rohan Seth, the app received approximately $12 million in funding from the capital firm Andreessen Horowitz in May and has continued to soar. While the app can only house iPhone users for now, its expansion is imminent (it currently has 600,00 users). A new update means members can leave the app running and listen to conversations while making dinner/ordering from Caviar.

Controversial campaign method

The clubhouse with two million active users is much smaller than Twitter, with about 330 million active users. Programming for an Android version is still in its infancy: they will “soon begin working on the Android app and add more functionality for accessibility and localization so that people around the world can experience clubhouses,” the company founders wrote.

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