Which is better, Grab or Uber?


[Malaysia] Which is better, Grab or Uber?

In Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, in fact, taxi drivers from tourists often have a bad service.

In recent years, Uber and Grab have been attracting attention. It is popular because it is cheaper than a taxi and does not have to worry about being picked up and picked up.

* Vehicle allocation application is a smartphone application that allows you to set the starting point and destination and call the driver. Basically, it is a new service that is gaining popularity because people know it before getting the fare.

This time, we will compare Grab and Uber, which are famous for dispatching apps, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of which is the easiest to use.


What is Grab

Taxi dispatch service that started in Malaysia in 2012. Available in over 20 cities, mainly in Southeast Asia.


About Uber

It is a pioneer in dispatching apps and started in 2009. Now it is deployed in more than 60 countries.


Price comparison

Both companies range from cheap to expensive services, just like airplanes. This time we will compare cheap services. Both prices vary depending on the congestion.

GrabCar Economy


The basic fee is RM1, RM1.30 per kilogram, and so simple. It does not depend on time. One of the attractions is that there is no cancellation fee.


UberX (low cost Uber)


Basic fee RM0.95, RM0.25 per minute, RM0.6 per kilometer, cancellation fee RM5. It’s cheaper to run longer than Grab, but the price is a little more complicated.

Results of searching and comparing the same route at the same time

p3 p4

Uber is 9 cents higher, both of which are not much different. I tried a few searches, but Grab tended to be cheaper with a little difference.

Judgment from rules of thumb

Usually, when both cars are dispatched, both compare their prices, but Uber tends to be relatively cheaper when crowded. Also, Uber is recommended for beginners because the app is easier to use. Grab is cheaper when it’s free time. By the way, there are more opportunities to issue coupons, so Grab is used at that time.



・ Grab and Uber are cheaper and safer than taxis

・ It is easy just to enter the departure point and destination and call it.

・ Prices are almost the same, depending on time and circumstances

・ Uber has a simpler app and better support

・ It is better to download both apps

・ Grab has many discount coupons

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